Entry on holidays:

Your pet must be accompanied by a health certificate issued within 3 days before  boarding by an official veterinarian from the country of origin or provenance and possibly  from a transit country.
This certificate must indicate in particular the number, the identification number, and  where applicable, the description of the animal.
It must also certify that, in said locality, it did not exist at the time of the departure, and it  did not exist during the preceding 06 weeks, any case of contagious disease within the  animals of these species.
Upon arrival in Morocco, your pet will be subject to a veterinary health control, performed  by a veterinarian of the National Office of Sanitary Safety and Food products, in charge  at the border post.
The admission of your animal on the Moroccan territory will be authorized by the customs  services after production of the certificate of veterinary inspection delivered by the  responsible veterinarian. For more information on the subject (vaccines, etc.), contact the  Directorate of Livestock under the Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture.
Whatever the results of the veterinary sanitary control carried out, you will have to pay a  health visit fee. The tariff for import inspection fees for pets is set at ten (10) dirhams per  head. This tax is collected by the customs services.
Some animals are subject to regulations for the protection of endangered species. This is  the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna  and Flora, better known as the “Convention CITES ".
Travelers bringing with them species covered by the said convention must submit to  Customs a "CITES" import permit.
This permit, valid for six (06) months, is issued by the Moroccan Directorate of Water and  Forests and Soil Conservation on presentation of a "CITES" export permit issued by a  management body of the country of origin.
When leaving Morocco, you will have to present to Customs the re-export permit.

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