Moroccan legislation on the entry and stay of foreigners in Morocco provides that any  foreigner wishing to travel to Morocco must be in possession of a passport or other valid  document issued by the State of which he is a member. It should be recognized by the  Moroccan State as a travel document (Law No. 02-03 of 11 November 2003).
The visa is an entry and residence permit for a limited period of time in Moroccan territory  issued by the competent Moroccan authority. It is materialized by the affixing of a specific  and secure "visa" sticker.
The visa indicates a period of validity, from one day to three months, or exceptionally for  a year and, depending on the case, with one, two or multiple entries.
However, being in possession of a visa does not confer an irrevocable right of entry. The  check carried out during the verification of a passport or travel document may also  include the verification of the means of stay and reasons for the arrival in Morocco of the  person concerned and the guarantees of his repatriation, in accordance with the of the  law on the entry and stay of foreigners in Morocco.
It is the responsibility of the issuing competent authority to determine the length of stay  and duration of the visa according to the profile of the applicant, the type and category of  visa applied for and the number of entries.

The competent authorities issue four types of entry visas to Morocco:
Short validity visa

The short-term visa allows a foreigner to enter the territory of the Kingdom of  Morocco for reasons other than immigration, for a short stay uninterrupted or  several short stays in the case of multiple entries.

The duration of each stay is from one to ninety days.

Long validity visa

The visa of long validity, over three months, is a visa of multiple entries issued by  the Moroccan diplomatic or consular services, after consultation with the Ministry  for Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation.

The period of validity of this visa cannot exceed one year and the duration of each  stay is from one to ninety days.

A foreigner, holder of a long-term visa and wishes to stay in Morocco for more  than three months, should request a registration card form the competent services  of the General Directorate of National Security.

Transit visa

The transit visa authorizes a foreigner, travelling to a third State, to cross the  territory of Morocco. This visa may be issued for one or two transits with duration  of stay of each transit not exceeding 72 hours.

Visa issued at the border

In some exceptional cases, the Security Services may issue short-stay and transit  visas at the Border Posts.

For countries where Morocco is not represented, requests must be made to the  diplomatic mission accredited in that country or to the Honorary Consuls. In the  absence of these representations, requests will be addressed directly to the  Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Directorate of  Consular and Social Affairs - Rabat ( for a visa to be issued  at the airport.



Important observation:

In accordance with the regulations in force, the change of type of visa already obtained is  not allowed once its holder enters the Moroccan territory. A new visa must be requested  from the country of residence of the person concerned.



The form of request for visa of entry to Morocco


To fill carefully, in Latin characters capital letters.

The form can be filled in Arabic but the surname, first name, affiliations and Birthplace must be in Latin characters for technical reasons.

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