On the occasion of their definitive return to Morocco, the MRE benefit at the time of the  customs clearance of their motor vehicle of tourism, an aging of three (03) years on the age  of said means of transport imported.

This facility consists of the application of a reduction of 25% at the time of the clearance of  the vehicle on the basis of the value of the vehicle.

Since the maximum deduction for customs clearance of motor vehicles is 25% of the taxable  value, the benefit of the reduction for aging is granted as follows:

  • A vehicle presented in new condition benefits from 3 years 25% reduction;
  • A vehicle that is 1 year old has 2 years of aging reduction, or 20%;
  • A vehicle that is 2 years old benefits from 1 year of aging reduction, ie 10%;
  • A vehicle that is 3 years old or older: no reduction




This advantage is authorized only once for a passenger motor vehicle of less than three  years of age.

This facility is not granted for the old private cars of more than three (03) years and the commercial vehicles (vans, light vans or vans) and the motor bikes.
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