Benefit of the 90% reduction granted for the clearance of a motor vehicle



Moroccans residing abroad, aged sixty (60) years and over, who have an actual residence  abroad for more than ten (10) years, may benefit from a 90% reduction applicable on the value  of the new state of the passenger cars for the customs clearance of their private vehicle  respecting the conditions of homologation.

For further information relating to the homologation, please consult the website of the Ministry  in charge of Transport:

The granting of this reduction of 90% is subjected to the following conditions:

  • The MRA citizen must be 60 years old or over. The reduction of 90% cannot be granted to  the people already installed definitively in Morocco;
  • To have actually remained abroad
  • at least 10 years;
  • The reduction is limited to only one vehicle during the life of the recipient;
  • The cleared vehicle that benefitted from this advantage can neither be sold, nor yielded  during 5 years. This condition is waived in the event of death of the recipient;
  • Benefit reserved only for passenger vehicles falling under the HS heading (EX 87.03):
  • Equipped with a petrol, diesel or hybrid technology engine
  • Conceived for the transportation of nine people or less, driver included (the number of  places is that indicated on the automobile license);
  • Authorized for circulating on the public road.


Other vehicles such as motorcycles, quads, kart-cross vehicles and the like, as well as  commercial vehicles, mixed-use vehicles, motor-homes, vans, pickups, double cabins are  excluded.

  • The cumulating of the benefit of the 90% reduction with the benefit of the "aging" provided  for the cases of customs clearance in the context of a definitive return is not allowed.
  • When clearing customs in Morocco, the presence of the person concerned is mandatory:  the proxies are not admitted for customs clearance.

Required documents

Required documents

To benefit from this reduction, the person concerned must apply to the consular services  close to his/her place of residence to get a certificate confirming residence abroad of at  least ten (10) years,For this purpose, the required documents by the consular services are:

  • Consular registration;
  • Copy of the CNIE or valid passport of the interested party;
  • Proof of residency of at least 10 years abroad;
  • Residence permit or valid foreign identity card, carrying the current address in the foreign  country.


For any additional information, please consult the MRA section on the website of the Administration of the Customs and Indirect Taxes:


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