Delivery of the CNIE for the first time



The CNIE is an official document that allows any Moroccan citizen to prove their identity as a holder of Moroccan nationality. The CNIE is obligatory for citizens who have completed the age of 18.
The minors more than 12 years old may, in the event of request of passport, ask for ID under the same conditions as for the adults.
The period of validity of the CNIE is 10 years.
The request for the first delivery or renewal of the national electronic identity card will be deposited by the interested party in person against dated receipt, at the consular service where he/she resides.

The statement of fingerprints:

Fingerprints of the interested party are taken by the Consular Service in the following cases:

  • request of the CNIE for the first time;
  • When the old CNIE has to be replaced with a new electronic identity card;
  • In the event of deterioration, loss or destruction of the National identity card.


The Procedure

The Procedure

  • A certificate of registration for the Establishment of the (CNIE);
  • Personally present at the service of the (CNIE), along with the required documents;
  • After depositing the application, a receipt is issued to the person concerned. This receipt will be required for the withdrawal of the (CNIE).

Required Documents

Required Documents


  • Certificate of consular Registration holding current address of the applicant, issued by the consular service (see consular registration);
  • A copy of the page of of the family booklet of the person concerned, with the introduction of the booklet*, or ;
  • A full copy of the birth Certificate** or;
  • An extract of an act of birth**;
  • Four recent colour identity photographs on a white background, with the format 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm, the face uncovered and without dark glasses;
  • For the request of the inclusion of the Optional reference "wife", "widow" or "widower" the applicant must produce, according to the case, the following documents:

          - A certified copy of the original of marriage certificate; 
          - An extract of the act of birth of the husband; 
          - An extract of the act of death of the spouse;

  • Amplification or a certified copy of the act granting the Moroccan nationality is required for foreigners having acquired Moroccan nationality and for the children born of a foreign father and a Moroccan mother before the 2nd of April 2007. 


* : This document must include the name and surname of the applicant and names of the parents in Arabic language and in Latin characters (the former "booklet of Identity and Civil Status" is not accepted). **: These documents must be issued by the Moroccan authorities and dated less than six months; name and surname of the person must be mentioned, as well as details of the parents in the Arabic language and in Latin characters.



Establishment of the CNIE in Morocco:
  • The Moroccans residing abroad may establish their CNIE at the services of the DGSN in
  • Morocco by providing the same documents required by the consular services, including the
  • consular certificate of registration to prove their residence abroad.
  • In the event of change of address, the MRA are invited to change their CNIE in accordance
  • with the regulation in force.
Checking of nationality:
  • In case of doubt about the Moroccan nationality of the applicant, the Consular Service may
  • require the production of a certificate of registry, as envisaged by article 33 of the code of
  • Moroccan nationality.

Chancery fees

Chancery fees

     See the applicable tariff

See the detail of the price lists




Click here :  Décret CNIE

Click here :  dahir Cnie

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